Facebook- The best tool for healthcare marketers?

Facebook- The best tool for healthcare marketers?

Facebook is unquestionably the best tool for healthcare marketers with over 2 billion monthly users and almost half of the American population. 94% of people who look up health care on social media use Facebook to do so, which gives a clear hint to the healthcare professionals to have their Facebook pages up and running and build a community that they can benefit from. Facebook platform also provides detailed analytics to track interactions, demographics and voice of the customer.

The promising news for Fb advertisers is that Facebook Ad clicks are increasing 70% year over year, and ad click-through rates are increasing 160%

Still need a reason to start advertising on Facebook? There are plenty….

Using Facebook as an advertising platform.

Facebook advertising

As per MOZ, if you spend $1 a day on Facebook ads, you can target a potential audience of 4,000 people. This is enough of a reason for any medical professional to consider Facebook advertising a key component to their business growth.

Every running business can afford to spend $30 a month on advertising and according to Moz, if you don’t have that budget you probably shouldn’t be in business any longer. The best part about Facebook ads is that they have the lowest average cost per 1,000 impressions ($0.25/1000 impressions) so you definitely need to focus your marketing strategy around it. However, you don’t just throw in generic ads rather pick your custom audience carefully. If you target your ad by a custom audience cost per click is 14% lower and cost per conversion is 64%.

Boosting sales with Facebook

boosting sales with fb

Using Facebook to advertise a new service you are launching for your patients can be profitable if you properly optimize your campaign for the right audience. Dr. Louis Crowe who developed BionicGym saw this immense boost in his crowdfunding and pre-orders via a Facebook ad campaign with an average ROI of about 300%. And so can you, all you need to do is setup a campaign, monitor, analyze, profit and re-market. Dr. Louis started with a $200 daily Facebook spend and increased it to a peak of $1500 a day seeing the breakthrough revenue generation through these ads.

Contests on Facebook

fb contest

Contests are a great way to interact with your potential audience and help grow your patient following. Unlike traditional marketing which is only focused on YOU, the modern advertising involves strategies where the customer is the center. 35% of Facebook fans Liked a page specifically to compete in a contest and once they have liked your page, you have a dozen of ways to engage them and learn about their struggles so that you can devise most effective solutions that they will happily pay for.

Eye Doctor in Ohio Increases Facebook Following by 55%, owing to a Facebook contest

eye doctor

“I Got Framed!” was an intelligent and fun Facebook contest by Rinkov Eyecare Center where they setup branded picture frames in all of their office locations.

Whenever someone purchased an eye wear at Rinkov, they could pose for the camera with the “I got Framed” and the photos were later uploaded to their Facebook page. The contestants with the most likes at the end of each month won a $100 gift coupon for his next purchase at Rinkov.

Even though Rinkov Eyecare started this contest as more of a fun and engaging activity, they saw tremendous growth in their Facebook audience and engagement. The contestants became brand advocates encouraging their friends and family, (potential patients for Rinkov) to like, engage and even buy from Rinkov Eyecare Centers.

By the end of the contest, Rinkov Eyecare Centers increased Facebook following by 55%, audience by 40% and engagement by 30%.

The Competitive Edge?

competitive edge

53% of physician practices in the US have a Facebook page which means you have a good chance to outnumber the rest of the 47%. Your audience is already looking for you and ways to interact with your brand but if you are not there, you will lose them to your competitors.



Facebook offers effective tools and measures to create optimized ads for the exact target audience. You can filter down audience by location, age, interests, professions and certain other factors. The best part about running a Facebook ad campaign is that it only charges you when a potential customer actually sees your ad (CPM) or clicks on it (CPC).

A well monitored Facebook ad campaign can get new patients walking into your clinic within no time. It also generates referrals, repeat business and networking opportunities in the community.

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