Why is it important for Healthcare Professionals to have a website?


“I couldn’t find you online.” So I went to my aunt who had a foot problem for 7 years and asked her which foot doctor she recommends to see for my foot injury from my basketball game.”

There are 2 very important items to note here if you are a healthcare professional who is seeking to grow your practice and fill your waiting room. Can you identify them?

And the answers from our CEO at Social Physician are:
1. “You need a website. Or if you already have a website, you need to fuel the heck out of it strategically so you can stay ahead of your competitors!”

“As human beings, by nature, we are rapidly evolving into more of a digital lifestyle. If you’re not online, you can’t be found!”
This clear example is an everyday scenario many people are faced with. The question to answer is: “Do I search online to find what I need or do I ask someone first?”
By understanding and acknowledging this fact, you have now equipped yourself with the offensive mindset that your website is your future digital asset that could kick a massive return on investment. There is a multitude of ways today that a doctor can generate money from their website.

Here are 3 ways on how to maintain a healthy patient-relationship and increase new patient volume for your practice

1. Provide a more engaging experience and build a stronger relationship with your patients by having a “make your guests feel welcome” type of website for your practice.

2. Pampering your current patients and new patients in a way where they can easily book their appointments online without calling the office.

3. In addition, providing a way to allow prospective patients to do some digging on the practice and the doctor’s background by reading testimonials from other patients’ experiences.

All three points mentioned above will provide a feeling of “comfort” as well as a sense of confidence in making the “right decision” on how they will select their next doctor appointment and why they will choose to stay with you as a loyal patient.

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